Shared Parental Leave

We are very lucky in the UK to have the maternity leave entitlement that we do. I especially appreciate it as an American, as the maternity leave entitlement in the USA is quite paltry in comparison. And as of 5th April 2015, there is a new entitlement for Shared Parental Leave in the UK. Fathers can continue taking their two week paternity leave, or the leave can be split more evenly between the mother and the father.

Our Society stresses the importance of both the mother and father taking an equal role in raising their children. But theories and real life do not always go hand in hand. But this new leave will actually support it. So, if you have a baby due (or are planning to adopt) on or after the 5th April, then please have a look and see how you can share your parental leave. You can also calculate your eligibility and pay on the Gov.UK website.

UK Shared Parental Leave_Final


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