Sneaky Cup of…What?!

Here’s my little boy, Dubz (for those of you who read the blog regularly, I have stopped using his real name as it didn’t seem fair that his sister’s name was private but his wasn’t). Anyway, Dubz loves squash, as does his daddy. So when Husband drinks squash, he uses a mug so that Dubz doesn’t kick off and demand some. We thought we were so clever when we came up with this idea. Except a few days ago, Dubz climbed onto the chair next to Husband and discovered that daddy’s hot drink was orange. Totally busted. Dubz proceeded to then drink most of the squash. Amazing that at 21-months old, Dubz is reasoning like our own mini Inspector Clouseau. Now to find him a trench coat and a magnifying glass.

16 thoughts on “Sneaky Cup of…What?!

  1. Was just about to congratulate you on such a good idea! Busted indeed. I don’t know how they know but they always find out. POD discovered I had crisps yesterday as she smelt them! You’ll have to think of another way, they just love orange don’t they! We’re always hiding it! Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  2. Lucas says – Well Done to Dubz for discovering Daddy’s trickery. He’s a perfect candidate for the GL Gang #whatsthestory

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