So, I’m just going to…

I feel like my first post should be filled with great insight or stories so hilarious that make you fall off your sofa. I suppose that many of us have this need to interest or amuse. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t write a blog. I’m also writing because I had my second child last year, and after a one-year maternity leave I resigned. I haven’t worked since April 2012, but technically I have been unemployed since April 2013. Or rather I am a Stay-at-home Mum, not unemployed. But I am starting to worry that my brain is rapidly deteriorating as all my thoughts seem to focus on my children.

This post is starting to remind me of the first episode of any new show. It has to lay down loads of background, so it’s not that interesting. Forget it, no more background. You’ll catch up in your own time.

Am I the only person who has difficulty remembering words or find that completing a sentence can take minutes? Is it old age? I am 38, surely that is middle-age. Or maybe it is a result of those two children who take up my thoughts and worries (yes, the dreaded baby-brain). Or maybe my mind is so focused on school projects, the PTA and balancing a budget for a family of four on one income that I don’t have time to worry about complete sentences. Yes, that must be it. Maybe I’ll take up Sudoku.

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  1. Hello! Just found your blog and already I’m hooked. Complete sentences are overrated, I left trying to do that one long ago.. 🙂

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