There is Something Special about Mr Tumble

There's Something Special about Mr Tumble

My youngest is two years old. And his greatest love, besides me, is Mr Tumble. Dubz watches 3-4 episodes of Something Special every day (please don’t judge, but if you do then you can F*** right off). I don’t think there is just one thing Dubz likes, but he seems especially enamored with Mr Tumble’s red nose and the use of sign language.

But let me be clear, this is not a post bashing Mr Tumble. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I love Mr Tumble. He is kind and silly and funny. He makes my son laugh. And in the past few months, while Dubz has struggled to speak, Mr Tumble’s sign language has engaged him. Dubz has begun to use some sign language and the words have finally come.

But when you’ve watched as many episodes of Something Special as I have, you inevitably have questions.

1. Home – Mr Tumble used to live in a big country manor with his extended family. But he has recently moved to a terrace house. Why has he moved? Did Lord Tumble gamble away the family fortune on a high stakes game of croquet? I know that many people have had to downsize and watch their pennies in this economy, but I wish I knew what exactly had happened.

2. Family – Mr Tumble has such a strange array of relatives. Granddad Tumble is a working class cockney. Lord Tumble is a posh aristocrat. Is Aunt Polly a relation by marriage? Why don’t we know her surname? Fisherman Tumble and Cliff Tumble (the pop star) are also quite random. And what about Mr Tumble’s parents? Did they die in a horrific clowning accident? Or are they travelling the world as international clown spies. Why are they never mentioned? I need to know.

3. Narrator – Who is the child speaking to Mr Tumble and Justin? Is he/she trapped in the telly? Or is he/she a figment of Mr Tumble’s imagination? Instead of laughing along to Mr Tumble, should we consider calling a mental health professional?

4. Justin & Mr Tumble – Why can’t there be an episode where Justin and Mr Tumble hang out? Why are they never in the same place? They seem to know each other, but never spend time together. It makes me wonder if Justin and Mr Tumble are perhaps the same person. Hmmmm.

5. First Names – What is Mr Tumble’s first name? Gary? Rupert? Toby? He is awfully formal for a clown. Why don’t we know everyone’s full name (except for Cliff Tumble)? Is the Tumble name an alias? Are they all on the run from an international drug cartel?

If you, or anyone close to you, knows the answer to any of the above questions please contact me as soon as you can. I can’t handle another night lying awake in bed and wondering.



*Photo credit: BBC website


23 thoughts on “There is Something Special about Mr Tumble

  1. Phhhaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Amazing post!… all very valid questions too!
    It really is a fantastic learning programme for the kids, but I really cannot stand that man!

  2. Hmmm, I am amazed at your in depth plot knowledge ;)). My personal favourite is Cliff Tumble. A small boy I know has told me about another recent Tumble character. The name escapes me as I always zone out while watching Mr T.

  3. Ha ha fab post Elfa and you raise some very valid questions although I have long since given up questioning the nonsense that it cbeebies 🙂

    F used to love the big guy too, before Pat and now Cars. He used to have his own spotty bag too 🙂

  4. Hee hee! This really made me giggle Elfa! The questions you pose are SO TRUE! 🙂 We love Mr Tumble too (and by ‘we’ i do, in fact, mean me!) Xx ps. I reckon the Tumbles are definitely on the run (fake name much?! 😉 )

  5. Tehee! We are huuuuuuge Mr Tumble fans in this house – but yes, if all the tumbles can be in the same room together why not Justin? Maybe they are communicating from different time zones… We went to see Justin in panto last Christmas (he was Buttons in Cinderella) and when he asked the audience if they knew who he was they went a bit schizophrenic! 🙂 X

  6. This is absolutely brilliant. As far as I can tell they are all family … I have a crush on Lord Tumble and my husband was winding me up saying he’s after Aunt Polly, buying her chocolates etc!! I’m like nooooooo! Seriously, I think they are all related and they live near/hang out with each other….? Yes? No?? Lol !! X

      1. It could be… although I kinda hope not! 😀 Although granddad Tumble was bringing her flowers the other day as well…!

        Your son sounds sweet 🙂

  7. Also, after discussing this topic in depth with a friend (seriously, you’ve got us all at it now), I remembered that there was an episode of Something Special where Aunt Polly calls Mr Tumble her nephew – she’s buying something from his ‘shop’. Apples or something and he kept knocking everything down. Anyway, Lord Tumble and Mr Tumble are definitely related, the name and everything. So I guess if Mr Tumble is aunt Polly’s nephew she is related to Lord Tumble as well. Unless of course it *is* by marriage and she’s getting busy with all of them….! 😀

  8. Brilliant questions! Some small light is shed if you watch ‘the story of Mr Tumble’ currently on iPlayer. Lord Tumble is probably the owner of the estate and has forced them to move into another one of his properties. Strange on his part as he is clearly trying to get into Aunt Pollys apron given then amount of flowers and chocolates he brings her.

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