Would You Spend £100 On A Hair Dryer?

You know that I’m one of those people who puts time into their hair. I have naturally wavy hair, and I wash and straighten it every 2-3 days. I have a £100 hair straightener, but have always used fairly inexpensive hair dryers. So when the lovely folks from LanaiBLO offered me a hair dryer worth £99.99, I was intrigued to see what you get for that price.

First of all, I need to address the obvious. My hairdryer has my name on it. This is no coincidence. LanaiBLO offer personalisation on all their hair dryers (as well as three different colours: white, pink and black). How could I not get my name? You don’t see Elfa on many things, so anytime there’s an offer of personalisation, I take it. This costs an extra £15, but is totally worth it.

Now, on to the actual performance of the LanaiBLO. It is powerful (2400 watts), which is needed when your hair is long or thick. It used to take me 30 minutes to rough-dry my hair with my old hairdryer. It now takes less than 15. The LanaiBLO uses ionic technology, which reduces frizz and static. I have lots of natural frizz, due to my wavy hair, and I have needed less serum since using the LanaiBLO.

Other positives of the LanaiBLO include being lightweight, offering two different sized nozzles and having a long cord. This is simply the best hairdryer I have ever had. It now seems silly that I would pay one price for a hair straightener and less for a hair dryer. If you get a good blow dry, then it is so much easier to straighten your hair. And considering my love of straight hair, the LanaiBLO has been a godsend.


I was sent the LanaiBLO for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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