Stop. Daddy Time.

Stop Daddy Time

Moozles and I have monthly Mummy-Daughter Days, and she loves them. She occasionally goes to the cinema or out for a meal with her daddy, but we have decided that she needs more regular one-on-one time with him. Husband and Moozles had a great day. They visited the British Museum, went out for lunch and watched a film.

Before the Daddy-Daughter Day, I was trying to take a photo of Husband and Moozles. But Dubz does not like being left out of any photos. So here they are, my three favourite people (for those of you not familiar with seeing Dubz without a hat – he lost his trilby at the Natural History Museum last Sunday, boohoo).

I found this really interesting article, Children Who Spend Time With Their Father Have a Higher IQ. I do wonder why this is the case. Do dads engage in more intellectual activities with their children? I suppose that Moozles and I go shopping, see shows, have lunch – our time is focused on bonding. Perhaps dads focus on teaching. Husband did say that he spent five minutes trying to explain The Rosetta Stone to Moozles (she came home and mumbled something about language and ‘Gweek’, haha).

I grew up as a Daddy’s Girl, and have always cherished this aspect of my growing up. My father passed away a few years ago, I have so many wonderful memories that I can hold onto. And I want my daughter to have lots of lovely memories of her daddy. I think Daddy-Daughter Days are a great start.

Stop Daddy Time Stop Daddy Time

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26 thoughts on “Stop. Daddy Time.

  1. What a lovely idea to make sure Moozles has lots of quality time with her Dad. O goes to rugby with his Daddy on Saturday mornings and I refuse to go with them as I feel it’s really important that they have a bit of one on one time. Plus I get an hours peace in the house on my own too! xx

  2. My girls adore spending time with Daddy… daddy is happy to oblige as long as im there… I don’t think he can imagine taking them out for a full day to himself…. its only happened once in 5 years, and that’s when his mum was there. He does love doing stuff with them though, and I think he goes more into depth explaining things then I do. #mysundayphoto

  3. Such a lovely idea! Sounds like they had a lovely time. I spent no time with my father so hope my IQ is ok 😉 xx

  4. I love this. I always try and have one on one time with each of our children, but it’s hard to get Daddy time in. He’s always so exhausted after work and the girls weekends especially are hectic with activities. This is so important and reminds me to make it more of a priority. Lovely post. #ordinarymoments

  5. It’s great that Moozles got to have a daddy-daughter day, I think it’s important for each child to get some alone time with each parent… easier said than done though when you’ve got 6 kids!

  6. I so agree it’s special for a daughter to have daddy time. It made my childhood special and has left me with wonderful memories of my father.

  7. OOOOOOO I used to have “daddy daughter dates” when I was little and loved them! I too have tried recently to give them one on one time but this really motivates me to be more pro active 🙂 THANKS for sharing!!

    PS I so wish we could just nip to the British museum haha

  8. I think one-on-one time is so important, although it’s something we don’t do enough of in our house. I especially feel that I don’t spend enough time alone with Freddie, and I really must carve out some time for the two of us! Interesting article too- I wonder if IQs are higher because there is overall more parental input and perhaps different perspectives on things which encourages children to think more? I think even if you’re super mum (or Dad!) doing things alone it can be hard to give it your all 24/7. Great post! x

  9. Agree! I am trying to get Hubby to spend more time with Lottie, as she has always been so clingy to me and wanted my attention. They have been for tea out together recently and often pop to the shops. They love it! Great pics 🙂 Jess x

  10. This is such a lovely idea Elfa – neither of us get to spend much time alone with either of ours but i would like to change that as it is nice to give them some full attention.
    Love the pic too, they are adorable 🙂 x

  11. It must be lovely to have one on one time with the children and them to have that time with you too. Time is usually quite limited and I know children often feel like they’re competing for attention so it seems like you have a good balance of time with the kids x

    1. It’s not easy finding the time, and we can’t do it as often as we’d like, but as the kids get older I think it really helps. My daughter was having really bad tantrums before we started having our mummy-daughter days. x

  12. Ah what a lovely post with gorgeous photos. I think one on one time with our children is just so incredibly important. My girls spend a fair bit of time with their Daddy and as such are proper Daddy’s girls- I love to watch their relationship together. x

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