Stroppy on the Southbank

How can a child be so cute, yet so infuriating at the same time? Dubz has had a rough week. He hasn’t gotten enough sleep and has thrown tantrums most afternoons. And then today, after brunch, he just went a little crazy and was hitting, and sitting on the floor holding my leg, fighting his sister, and trying to sit in the middle of the road. We were out with friends, and it makes it so much tougher to catch up when you’re navigating bad behaviour. And then we got home, feeling frazzled and stressed.

But here he is in the photos, looking adorable. We were at London’s Southbank, which has these fab orange benches dotted around. Maybe not great for sitting, but pretty cool. And Dubz was smiling and posing like he was in the best mood. And you would think he was the most amiable child. But not when he is sleep-deprived. *deep sigh*



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16 thoughts on “Stroppy on the Southbank

  1. Heh, our three can be like that too. They can be fighting one minute, then stop long enough for me to get a photo of them playing together, and then the next minute they’re bickering again. Sigh.

  2. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt… Someone this week told me I share too much on the blog that might be seen as negative (like my children misbehaving) but I believe honesty is crucial. All children have difficult days and this post will make a lot of other parents feel relieved that it’s not just them having a tricky time. Thanks x

  3. Think we can all relate to that situation. Not the first time I have felt like disowning them in public. What a bizarre bench, surely to low to the ground to sit on, look more like hamsters wheels…

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