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Last week I attended the NFL Flag Football Summer Bowl, presented by Subway®, in Chiswick. It was a great day watching kids play football and meeting some super cool NFL players. Growing up in the USA, I spent Friday nights attending high school football games and cheering for my team. Us Americans love our football, and now it’s in the UK. Hooray!

American football is the fastest growing sport in the UK. And not only are Brits watching the games, but they’ve started playing as well. Did you know that over 10,000 children in the UK have taken part in the NFL Flag programme presented by Subway®? And it’s not just boys. Flag is a mixed-gender sport, and it’s wonderful having a sport where boys and girls can play together.

Subway® is sponsoring this exciting sport and are offering free support so that more schools can start offering NFL Flag to their students. The programme provides training to staff so that they can properly coach the children, or provides a coach, and  also offers a starter pack (which includes 17 balls, 40 flag belts, NFL Flag jerseys to wear and a national tournament). It’s a 6-12 week programme which ends in a regional tournament.

If you’d like your school to take up NFL Flag, you can register here. And don’t forget to check out the Kids Pak at Subway® stores. There’ll be an NFL-themed one coming in September!

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  1. Great to see you at the Summer Bowl Elfa and for giving me some background as to how seriously football is taken Stateside. I lvoe the fact Subway is supporting this and I hope lots of school kids get to take part in the programme.

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