Summer Strolls at The Savill Garden

When you tell young children that you’ll be spending the day at a garden, you will see the terror in their eyes. Their lips may even quiver at the thought of looking at flowers and not spending the day at the playground. So when I told the kids that the four of us were spending the day at The Savill Garden, they were not enthused. Fast forward a few hours, when driving home, and both agreed that they had had loads of fun. So let me tell you why an ornamental garden can be such a fun family day out.

The Savill Garden is utterly beautiful. Located in Windsor Great Park, there are 35 acres of woodland in addition to the gardens. There are different areas, including the Summer Gardens, Autumn Wood and Winter Beds. Although we had a map, we just wandered around throughout the various interconnected garden areas. And I spent a lot of time smelling the roses, literally.

After an hour walking around, we went back to the main building for lunch at the restaurant. Now, you know we go out to eat quite often. Often these types of venues have very average food. I had planned to order some fish and chips, as that is a safe choice. While my family sat at our table, I went to order the food. As I walked by the kitchen, I was left seriously impressed by the dishes that were coming out. So I decided to order the sea bass (a dish I love but am unable to cook well). And I was not disappointed. Husband got the steak sandwich and the kids got a wood-fired pizza and fish and chips. We all commented on the outstanding quality and presentation of the food (though the children used words like ‘wow’ and ‘yummy’).

After lunch, we continued our exploration. During the summer, The Savill Garden is offering activity sheets, puppet shows, crafts and face painting on certain days. Not only did Moozles and Dubz get to make Father’s Day cards (we went the day before the big day), but they also got their face painted. All for free. It makes such a difference to have these kinds of offerings for children, as it makes a day at gardens (or anywhere without a climbing frame) more fun.

Thank you to The Savill Garden for inviting us for such a fun day. It was a 45-minute drive for us from south west London to the garden. I hadn’t realised how close Windsor is. Entry to the garden costs £10.50 per adult, and children enter for free. Parking is included in the ticket. Afterwards you could feel free to explore Windsor Great Park (since your parking is already paid and you’re right there). Or you could just visit The Savill Garden – there are no playgrounds, but you don’t need them to have a fun day.



We were invited to visit The Savill Garden and have lunch there for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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