Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes

Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes

Gone are the days when I can wear cheap, uncomfortable shoes. I am 40. I like to be comfortable. I do not like my feet to hurt. All whilst liking my shoes to be pretty or cool. Tough order, I know. And it doesn’t help that I fell down the stairs almost three years ago and broke a toe (the toe has never fully recovered and I now have to wear shoes that securely hold my feet in – that means no more flip flops or ballet shoes, *sniff, sniff*). Last year I bought some party shoes for my birthday from Hotter Shoes. They have a small heel, are comfortable yet are very pretty. I have received loads of compliments on them, so I was thrilled when Hotter invited me to their Kingston shop recently to get myself a new pair of summer shoes.

I tried on lots of shoes and sandals before deciding on some super cute black sandals that I can wear every day. My new sandals have been worn loads over the past couple of weeks, and there has not been one blister. They will be comfortable on the school run, but I won’t look frumpy. I can also dress them up as needed. I live in dresses and leggings, and my new sandals look fab. Have a look below at one of the many ways I have styled them.

If you’ve never been to Hotter Shoes, there are some things you need to know. First of all, you will be overwhelmed by all the cute shoes available. But don’t let that deter you. Go in, try on shoes. Lots of shoes. All the shoes I tried on were comfy, the final decision was made on style rather than comfort. The shoes are cushioned and light (you won’t be clomping about in heavy shoes).

Second of all, the shoes run a bit big/wide. I normally wear a size ,6 but I wear a 5.5 at Hotter. Third, it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a Hotter shoe shop near you. They have a fab, easy-to-navigate website. There are often deals on. And since Hotter expect you to be completely happy about your purchase, they offer customers 90 days to return or exchange their shoes.

Hotter Shoes is a British company. And the shoes are actually made in the UK. This means that you are getting a good quality pair of shoes. And the lovely people of Hotter Shoes are offering my readers £10 off a full-priced pair of shoes. Just put in the code: PPATEN. This offer also entitles you to free delivery, so order by the 30th June 2016 for a fab new summer shoe.

Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes Summer Styling at Hotter Shoes


I was given the choice of a pair of Hotter shoes for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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