Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

What makes a good family film? How about likeable characters, a good plot, a baddy and some hijinx? Well, Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania has all those things plus some cool surf moves. On Sunday, my family and I went to the DVD launch party for Surf’s Up 2 and we had loads of fun. The film is about an ambitious and clever penguin, Cody, who is desperate to achieve fame and fortune through surfing. Along with his friends, Lani and Chicken Joe, they battle it out to see who can join the famous Hang Five surf team (voiced by some of the superstars from WWE).

After watching the film, the children were treated to a surf simulator, face/arm painting and crafts. Dubz especially loved the surf simulator and I think he may have been on it more than any other child. Maybe there’s some ‘California’ in my little British boy.

We hadn’t watched the original film, so weren’t sure if we would like the sequel. There was also the fact that neither of my children watch wrestling so are not familiar with the WWE stars voicing the characters. But Moozles (8 1/2) and Dubz (4 1/2) loved Surf’s Up 2. It is a fun family film. There is some excitement/suspense near the end that might scare some toddlers, but mostly the movie is full of friendship and adventure. Surf’s Up 2 is now available to buy on DVD.



We were invited to view Surf’s Up 2 for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, when they aren’t my childrens’.




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