Taiwanese Street Food at Bao Bao London

On Sunday, I got the best gift any mother could wish for on Mother’s Day – a day of no tantrums. It was delightful. It was actually more than delightful. It was a miracle. To make the day even better, we went out for a delicious lunch at Bao Bao London. I feel like we’re constantly going out for pizza or burgers, so I was excited to be trying out Taiwanese cuisine.

Taiwan is known for their street food, and Bao Bao delivers fresh, tasty food in a cool environment (imagine a gorgeous floral wall made for Instagram).┬áHusband and I were initially excited to try Bubble Tea. We watch My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix and they are always drinking bubble tea. There are loads of flavours – so it was a bit overwhelming. Luckily the waitress was understanding and quite helpful. I was pleased with my choice – the passion fruit tea, with aloe vera bubbles, green tea, some ice and a little sweetness. Husband ordered a green tea as he couldn’t handle all the choices. Haha.

We were really there for the food, so we ordered a couple of mains and chose several items from the sharing menu. The fried chicken was heavenly, as well as the sweet potato fries and prawn roll. We tried three of the bao (which are fluffy buns filled with various fillings) – pork, beef and prawn. They were utterly delicious and I could have eaten more but sadly the size of my stomach let me down.

In the past, I would never have dreamed of going to a Taiwanese restaurant with my son. He has always been a finicky eater. But since he started school in September, he has been willing to try new types of food. I did bring a packet of oatcakes in my handbag, in case he didn’t like any of the food. But they went untouched. Hooray!

Bao Bao is located at Boxpark Croydon, which is right next to East Croydon train station. Boxpark is an eating/drinking venue made entirely of shipping containers. There was a DJ while we were there, which added some fun to the venue. After our meal, we wandered around the middle bit, where there were lots of cafes to choose from. The kids had some Greek frozen yoghurt at Chillbox, and we grabbed some cronuts for later. I love a place where there is so much to choose from.

We will definitely return to Bao Bao again. If you’re looking for delicious food in a funky environment, head to Boxpark Croydon. I think next time I will order all the bao, to see which is my favourite. Yum, bao!



We were invited to dine at Bao Bao for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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