Tenby Beach, Wales

Tenby Beach, Wales

Last week, while we had a family mini-break at Bluestone Wales, we managed an outing to the beach. We went to Tenby last summer and loved it, and could not imagine a trip to Pembrokeshire in West Wales without visiting again. So, armed with buckets and spades, we went to Tenby for a day of fun and fish and chips.

One of my favourite aspects of Tenby is that the beach is sandy. It’s great for sitting and chillin’, as well as making sandcastles. We saw a few people flying kites and felt jealous that we didn’t have one. If you’re not fussed about sandcastles or kites, walk along the beach and look up at the beautiful cliff and the pretty pastel houses. It wasn’t very warm or sunny during this visit, but we still had a lovely time. To be honest, it is a relief not to need raincoats and wellies when spending the day at the beach in the UK.

If you’re visiting Tenby from Bluestone, it takes about 20 minutes by car. There is a fairly big car park near the beach (we paid £3.00 for four hours). It takes less than 10 minutes to walk to the town centre from the beach, where there is a decent selection of cafes. Although there is a cafe by the beach, we like to go into the centre for our favourite place to eat – D. Fecci and Son’s Fish & Chips. They make such delicious fish, and even offer them in different sizes (mini is perfect for kids, while I had the regular portion). They also do children’s meals, and pies and sausages for fish-haters like Husband. And wonderfully, they have gluten-free options. Such a gem!

If you are planning a visit to West Wales, make sure to include a stop into Tenby. It is such a pretty seaside, with one of the best fish restaurants around.

Tenby Beach, Wales Tenby Beach, Wales Tenby Beach, Wales Tenby Beach, WalesTenby Beach, Wales Tenby Beach, Wales


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