Terrible Twos are Terribly Silly


Dubz turned two in May. We have had months of terrible tantrums, and all the shouting and crying that comes with this stage. But there has been a great shift in the past two months. Yes, he still has some tantrums, but they do not rule our lives. Dubz is finally able to express himself in words, though sometimes he is difficult to understand. But he can eventually make himself understood.

So I thought I would share some of his recent silliness.

Last week I asked my Husband to do a wee in front of our son, so that Dubz could see how things are supposed to ‘work’ when it comes time to potty train. Rather than just watching his Daddy, Dubz tried to touch the wee and was shouting ‘apple juice, apple juice!’ If only we had apple juice on tap. Haha

Dubz loves growly animals, aliens and monsters. But his favourite things are dinosaurs. But he cannot pronounce it properly, so he calls them ‘dino-roars’. It is absolutely adorable.

Dubz got a trilby in July. He wears it constantly, from the moment he gets up in the morning and only takes it off for naptime and for bedtime. Last week he threw it out of a window at pre-school. We were unable to find the hat. Dubz was very cranky about this for a day, but has since tried to find a replacement hat (basically he has been stealing my hats and wearing bowls on his head). He looks ridiculously funny.

Dubz Dubz






Terribly cute, no? I am linking up to Wot So Funee. Pop on over to Stressy Mummy for more silliness.

12 thoughts on “Terrible Twos are Terribly Silly

  1. Aw that is so lovely. I am so relieved that he didn’t try to drink the ‘apple juice’ . He does look so cute with his hat too, they are so funny aren’t they? Thank you for linking up

  2. Lovely to hear other mums talk about their terrible twosomes lol – make us feel we are not alone! He has a look of mischief but irresistable and loveable too – how will you comp when he gets a girlfriend? Hee hee!

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