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We had a tough year when Dubz was two. We had to refrain from going out to eat for fear of tantrums. And then when he was three, he only ate toast for about three months. Tough times indeed. But things improved drastically when he turned four last year and then began school in the autumn. And now, we eat out at least once at the weekend. And we love trying out new restaurants.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the Giggling Squid in Esher to try out their new menu for kids. Moozles and Dubz had never tried Thai food before. I was a bit nervous whether Dubz would enjoy it – after all, there would be no chips on standby. But we had recently tried a Taiwanese restaurant with good results, so I hoped for the best.

Giggling Squid have recently launched a ‘little tapas for little people’ menu. They are able to mix and match small plates to get the meal they would most like to eat. Moozles loved her spring rolls and prawn pad Thai. Dubz, who is the fussier of the two, is not keen on rice or noodles. He enjoyed the sirloin steak and the pork on skewers.

Husband and I had the grown-up tapas sets. These are perfect for lunch. You get a curry, rice and two small starters. Husband felt that he didn’t have enough food, but then I did eat all his prawn toast (they were amazing). Next time he plans to order one big dish and then a couple of small tapas (he said the pork dumplings were the best he has ever had).

We finished our meal with dessert for everyone, and tea for the parents. If you have room for pudding, you must get the Chocolate Feuillantine – it was divine. Everyone else got ice cream, which they liked. But they were all jealous of my chocolate mousse.

My only criticism of Giggling Squid is that they didn’t have any kid-friendly juices. Although they had apple juice with elderflower in it (my son loved it and my daughter did not), there was no plain juice apple or orange juice. Luckily Moozles was happy to drink water. And Dubz was more than happy to finish his sister’s drink. Update: there will be plain apple juice as of June 2017.

All in all, we had a lovely family meal. The setting was modern and airy, and the service was extremely good. There is a public car park near the Esher restaurant (and it’s free on Sundays), so parking was very easy. We enjoyed every single item we ate. And we’re looking forward to returning to Giggling Squid and trying out more of the delicious Thai dishes.



We were invited for our meal for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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