The Eczema Continues

The Eczema Continues

My regular readers will know that Dubz was in the hospital recently for a severe asthma attack. And his eczema is playing up again too. Asthma and eczema apparently go hand in hand. Normally eczema flare-ups are gone in our house from April til September, but I currently need to moisturise Dubz about four or five times a day. As I have been dealing with eczema with years, I have many tips on handling it.

Luckily, Dubz loves having his Aveeno cream rubbed onto his back and arms. At almost three, he understands that it makes him feel better and less itchy. But 43% of mums find that their children don’t understand why they need cream every day. That is why Aveeno have released e-books to help kids. They have just released the second book in The Dry-ventures of Ellie & Eddie. Even on holidays or when we’re going on adventures, we still need to keep using cream to keep eczema at bay. Moozles and Dubz really enjoyed reading Happy Skin Holidays, especially the catchy song. Dubz keeps singing ‘put on some cream’, and so I do.

Head on over to Aveeno to download the newest e-book (and the first one if you don’t already have it), and you can also request a free sample of Aveeno.

The Eczema Continues The Eczema Continues


We were sent a copy of ‘Happy Skin Holidays’ and some Aveeno products for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

4 thoughts on “The Eczema Continues

  1. These books look great, my toddler doesn’t always understand having nappy cream on when he has nappy rash so I bet a book would help with that as well. Can’t imagine having to moisturise him every day 4-5 times. #ToddlerApprovedTuesdat x

  2. What a great idea. I’m sure this will help many parents and children, thanks so much for sharing.

    Thanks for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  3. Ohh I will have to give this a try, nothing seems to settle Ellie’s excema its very stressful trying to get her to let us put anything on her. 🙁


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