The Gross, The Horrid – The Twits at The Rose Theatre

Imagine a husband and wife so vile that they constantly find ways to hurt and humiliate one another. A husband with the world’s dirtiest beard, a wife who tricks him into eating worms. And there you have Mr and Mrs Twit. This disgusting couple is the creation of Roald Dahl, and this Easter they have been brought to life at the Rose Theatre Kingston.

The Twits are at their happiest when they are arguing and being horrid to one another. But then one day, Mr Twit realises that they have run out of money. So off to the rainforest he goes and steals a family of monkeys to start a circus. But these are no ordinary monkeys. But these Muggle-Wump monkeys are determined to go home, and to play the biggest trick ever on The Twits.

Moozles and I regularly attend shows at The Rose Theatre, and this is another terrific production. I laughed loads at the gross and disgusting moments – this show is not just for kids. Moozles thought the show was fantastic, though she had been nervous about going. The Twits is one of the few Roald Dahl books that she hasn’t read as she didn’t like the cover of the book and thought it looked scary. Moozles is now eager to read the book. Isn’t it amazing how plays and musicals can encourage a child to read?

The Twits is aimed for those six and over, but I wish I had brought my four-year old because I think he would have loved it. We loved the music and comedy in the show. The actors even come off the stage at a few points, so it all feels quite interactive. The Twits is playing at The Rose Theatre Kingston from now until the 16th April. Don’t miss it!


Photo credit: Pamela Raith


We were invited to review The Twits for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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