The History of Earrings

I love earrings, but I find it really tough finding earrings that aren’t too heavy and which don’t irritate my ears. Statement earrings have been all the rage for a couple of years now, but I haven’t been able to join in. Not until now. I bought these earrings from a market stall a couple of months ago. They are very light and give a bit of a statement.

While wearing my new earrings from Esoteric London, I got to thinking about the history of earrings. Did you know that in ancient times, earrings were predominantly worn by men? And in ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves while in ancient Greece, they were worn by prostitutes. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church forbade the piercing of ears; only thieves, pirates and lower class people continued to wear them.

Well, I’m glad that I can wear earrings and it doesn’t signify anything about my place in society. What do you think of my new earrings? I hope they don’t make me look like a thief or a pirate.

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