The Snow Queen at The Rose Theatre

My family and I love the Christmas shows at The Rose Theatre Kingston. They’re always of a high calibre and very family friendly. And while it’s crucial for the children to enjoy the show, I think that it’s important for the adults to also be entertained. So this Christmas we went to see The Snow Queen with high hopes.

The Snow Queen is based on the highly acclaimed Hans Christian Andersen story that most of all have heard of, but Ciaran McConville has written the story a bit differently. Gerda is stronger and tougher. Even when she’s scared, she faces her fears to find her friend. As a mother to a daughter, I love it when my girl is shown such fierce female leads.

And while the actors were good, there was someone who stole the show. Bancu, the talking reindeer, was sweet and funny. He was my son’s favourite part of the show. My daughter’s favourite part was the pirates and the hard as nails captain (if you see it, you’ll know why).

If you are looking for a family show this Christmas season, I heartily recommend The Snow Queen. It is on at The Rose Theatre until the 5th January 2020. The show lasts two hours, including a short interval. The show is aimed at children over the age of five (there are a couple of scary bits that I don’t think a toddler could handle). There’s a relaxed performance on the 3rd January, and a signed performance on the 4th January. You can book tickets here.

*Photo credit: Mark Douet

We were invited to watch The Snow Queen for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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