The Stinky Truth about Parenting

As parents, we are quick to offer guidance to other parents. We want to impart our knowledge and help others prepare for the rigours of raising children. Take potty training. Everyone has some advice on it. But I feel that there is something no one is talking about. After one’s child is potty trained, parents act like there are no more issues with poo. I wish this was the case.

We eat out as a family often, probably once a week at the weekends. But in all the pics of our family meals that I post on Facebook, there is one thing I leave out. 
During this meal
and during that one.

Inevitably, halfway during my main course, my daughter Moozles (who is almost six), informs me that she needs to do a poo. So down goes the fork or chopsticks. And I brace myself. In the toilet, I am required to stand in my daughter’s stall. And I must listen and watch and smell. Finally we are able to return to our table. But it is very difficult to enjoy my food now. The sounds and smells are so fresh in my mind.

So the next time you are at a restaurant with your family, and you see a glum mum going to the loo with her child, think of me and be glad that you get to sit and enjoy your meal.

9 thoughts on “The Stinky Truth about Parenting

  1. I feel you hunny and I only just started potty training. It’s awful isn’t it. Buba is scared to poo alone so I have to sit next his little potty and hold his hand rub his back while he stinks the place up. I have to hear it, smell, it and then clean it all up. Its disgusting!!!! Great diet program but one I didn’t opt for or have a choice in the manner. It’s horrible. I hate it and I feel your pain. It would be very very hard to eat after that. Bless you. And you are right no one ever ever talks about it. Thank you so much for linking up to share with me, I love reading your post and getting to know more about you and your family even the poo. hahaha #sharewithme

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