There’s A Snake In My Boot

There's A Snake In My Boot

There's A Snake In My BootOn Monday, Moozles went back to school. And when I was making lunch for Dubz to take to pre-school, I received an email reminding me that they weren’t resuming until Tuesday. Total mummy fail. I had an appointment with the osteopath that morning so I had no choice but to take Dubz along. Dressed as Woody from Toy Story.

I was surprised how well behaved Dubz was, as I was being rubbed and manipulated though he did need the toilet halfway through. And there was the time he started roaring at the osteopath, but I reckon she was making silly faces at him. It’s hard not to engage with Dubz. He is quite the character. Plus, who doesn’t love Toy Story?!



13 thoughts on “There’s A Snake In My Boot

  1. Fab. Love the outfit, and why not. N has a Buzz Lightyear costume but he doesn’t really do dressing up. Maybe if he had a Woody one he would. He’s a bit obsessed with Toy Story!

  2. I love this picture! We are big Toy Story fans in our house, in fact it was the first film we ever watched – so glad they made three otherwise I may of went a little crazy!

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