Tiny Towers

I don’t think it was a gender thing, but our daughter has never been into playing with blocks. We bought her the Mega Bloks Build’n Learn Table, which came with a few blocks, a car and a little man, when she turned one. She barely used it. Our son, is so different. Dubz has just turned two, and has been actively playing with the table and blocks since he was 10 months old. So we were very pleased to be offered the chance to play with more Mega Bloks.

I opted for the Big Building Bag in trendy colours. I try to avoid the ‘boy’ colours and the ‘girl’ colours and this bag has a vibrant mix of colours.The first thing that I noticed is that the bags are now PVC-free and eco-friendly. Their bags have a handle at the top which makes them portable if you’re visiting friends or relatives for the day. We know many people who either have babies or much older children, so it is nice having toys we can bring with us when going out.

The weather has been great this week. We’ve spent hours playing in the garden and enjoying the sunshine and warmth. But we needed a break from the heat and enjoyed some quiet time indoors yesterday morning. 

Dubz enjoyed having a big bag of blocks to play with (there were 60 pieces in the bag). He found them easy to use and to stack on top of one another. I have mentioned that I believe that we should let our kids play, so rather than advising what to build, we just let them get on with it. Dubz likes to build lots of tiny towers which he then breaks or pretends to eat. It might not sound very exciting, but he happily played for half an hour allowing me time to drink my tea in peace and quiet.

You have until the 22nd May 2014 to like the Mega Bloks Facebook page and enter to win one of four of their super cute Play n’ Go Wagons. Good luck!



We were sent a Big Building Bag (Trendy Colours) for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are completely my own.


16 thoughts on “Tiny Towers

  1. I love that they are vibrant and mix of all the colors. So cool. Would be perfect for both of mine too. nothing better than building towers. As I can see your little one HIGHLY agrees. #whatsthestory

  2. My two have always loved megabloks we have far too many in our house! along with duplo and playmobil now! we bought a big ‘girly’ set and a big ‘boyish’ set to mix together so they were more colourful so this bag is a fab idea x

  3. I love the colour mix, I need to get some more mega blocks for our playrooms, they are indestructible fun!

  4. It’s amazing the difference in children isn’t it?! We have twin boys- one loves to build towers, the other builds houses. Megabloks look like they give a lot of stability for whatever they minds want to construct.

  5. I do love the colours in that bag! I have a wee boy and girl, and mine were the same. Caitlin would sometimes play with blocks but didn’t show much of an interest but Neil enjoyed his megablocks.

  6. My twin love their Megablocks, T loves building more than his sister but they both sit and play with them together x

  7. Pretty colors and yes looks yummy =P

    My son loves his block so much so that thats the only toys that never goes to storage. Thanks for sharing the comp will definitely join it =)


  8. This bag looks brilliant with all the colours. My daughter loved megablocks and making towers when she was smaller, such good fun! Lovely post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  9. I love these colours! We actually got the pink/purple packet of mega bloks over Christmas there. Such beautiful colours, but I do think the trendy bag is next on our list! Great review and pics! x #magicmoments

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