Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I have celebrated each Thanksgiving that I have lived in the UK. This will mark my 12th. We normally celebrate at the weekend, with a big (but simple) dinner with family or friends. I cook a turkey, and we go crazy on cornbread, stuffing, green beans and sweet potatoes. And as a homage to my adopted land, and my British Husband, we have parnsips. For pudding we have pumpkin pie and/or apple pie. 

But this year, I am not in the mood. This year, I don’t feel like all the trimmings. It’s the first time we haven’t invited family or friends. It would be nice to have it just the four of us. But I am not sure I can even be bothered for that. It’s been a busy year, especially with the rigmarole associated with buying a new house, moving and doing renovations. 

Thanksgiving is such a nice time to celebrate what we are thankful for, without the added pressures of gift giving. That is one of the reasons I love it. But I think this year I will be thankful while eating pumpkin pie and save the big meal for Christmas. If there is a Scrooge-equivalent for Thanksgiving, then I’m it. Bah hum-turkey. 

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