Visiting Lacock

I know that I am juvenile. I know this because I sniggered when I first heard the name of this town. But Lacock is no dirty joke. The village, which is pronounced ‘lay-cock’, is located in Wiltshire. And it is utterly charming. This may seem like a random place to write about, but this is where Husband and I spent this morning visiting.

Husband and I have been in Bath for the past couple of days, and when we checked out of our B&B this morning, we were advised to visit picturesque Lacock. The village dates back to the 13th century, and looks like it has been frozen in time, except for the cars. If Lacock looks familiar, it is because it is often used in period dramas, including Remains of the DayDownton Abbey, and 1995’s Pride & Prejudice (it was the village of Meryton!). Lacock Abbey was featured in a couple of the Harry Potter films, which makes it even more popular as a tourist destination.

Lacock is owned almost entirely by the National Trust,  which is probably the main reason they have managed to retain so much character. It is a tiny village, which you can walk around in about half an hour. You could spend longer if you visit the Lacock Abbey and Fox Talbot Museum. We skipped this and instead spent time wandering around the CocoChemist shop looking at artisan chocolate. For research purposes, of course.

If you’re visiting Bath or Wiltshire, you should try and visit Lacock. It is not often that a village can transport you back in time.



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