Walking My Worries Away

Walking My Worries Away

I have had one of those weeks. You know, the ones that make you drown your sorrows in gin and chocolate?! Except I am taking a break from sugar so I needed to find a replacement. So I’ve gone on a couple of walks in Richmond Park with my mummy friends. The fresh air, lovely scenery and sunshine have lifted my spirits. Plus it always helps to talk things out with your friends. Free therapy, no calories consumed and loads of calories burned. Noting better than walking your worries away.


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11 thoughts on “Walking My Worries Away

  1. I’ve been walking a fair bit this week too to clear my head of stress and worry. It’s a lovely time of year too – all the autumn colours coming out and cooler without being too damp and miserable. Best we enjoy it while we can!

  2. London, or really anywhere in England, is such a beautiful place to go for a walk. Whenever I visit there, going on walks is what I spend most of my time doing.

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