Weekend in Woodstock

In the past few years, we have been making an effort to have mini-breaks and holidays in the UK. Not only is it nice to only drive a few hours before reaching the destination, but as a foreigner I love exploring the UK. There are so many beautiful towns and gorgeous buildings to admire. I wanted to share our last UK mini-break, which was a weekend in Woodstock.

Woodstock is located north of Oxford, and is home to Blenheim Palace. The palace is most known for being the birthplace of Winston Churchill. When we first arrived, we went straight to Blenheim Palace. We had heard so much about it, that we were eager to explore. There was jousting on that day, as well as a jester show. After lunch, we were feeling a bit tired so decided we would return to the palace the next day (we converted our day ticket into an annual ticket for free).

We found Woodstock to be a beautiful, quaint town, with the area on and around the high street feeling quite safe. It has some wonderful restaurants and pubs, as well as some lovely hotels. We stayed at the Macdonald Bear Hotel, which exceeded our expectations. Since the town is quite small, parking can be tough on Park Street and High Street. But the Bear has its own parking lots, which makes life much easier.

When we checked into our room, we were all delighted. Besides normal rooms, the Bear offers family rooms and suites. We stayed in the Blenheim Suite. The kids had a single bed and a sofa bed on the ground floor, and then Husband and I found our bed up the stairs. Moozles and Dubz were blown away that we had actual stairs in our room. And I loved the bit of privacy. It also meant that when the children went to sleep, we could watch some television and read our books without disturbing them.

The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast at the Bear before checking out and returning to Blenheim Palace. As it was a Monday, it was quiet. Moozles and Dubz enjoyed running around the grounds, and Husband and I enjoyed touring the palace itself. Thank you to Blenheim Palace and the Macdonald Bear Hotel for a a wonderful weekend in Woodstock!



We were invited to visit Blenheim Palace and stay at the Macdonald Bear Hotel for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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