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When you’re chubby and in your 40s, you can feel like there’s no place for you in the fashion industry. There are all these gorgeous, skinny women in magazines and on Instagram. And sometimes you can’t help but feel inferior. But recently, I have started following more women over 40. More women of different shapes. And it has re-ignited my love of fashion.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a family outing to Ikea. Oh, I just love Ikea – it’s especially fun as my two children go into the free 45-minute creche. And Husband and I walk around, holding hands like we’re on a date. Oh, 45 minutes! But anyway, I digress. While we were at Ikea, I made Husband take a few photos of me. He kept saying that he didn’t understand why I wanted photos of me at Ikea.

But here’s why. I’m a regular mother, in her 40s. I’m chubby and my life is pretty mundane. But I want to show others what a regular mum looks like. Because there are loads of us out there. And yes, sometimes it’s nice seeing people in their designer clothes posing on a Miami Beach. And sometimes it’s nice seeing a mum wearing a sweatshirt, posing by some Ikea boxes.

Sweatshirt : Hush

Cropped wide-legged Jeans: Similar from ASOS

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