Weeping & The Beach

Bleakness & the beach

Last weekend there was a bit of a mini-heatwave with temperatures in the high 20s, so my family did what many British people do at the sign of warm weather – we went to the beach. We drove almost two hours to the sandy beaches of Minnis Bay in Kent, and we had a glorious day. Husband and the kids played in the sea. I got mid-calf and started shivering, so I sunbathed instead. We made sandcastles and ate ice creams. After lunch we walked to the car. Dubz got so upset. He tried to run away, and then he just weeped and weeped on the front of our car. He kept saying ‘no home, no home, more beach, more beach’. I finally got Dubz in the car with the promise of watching Dinosaur Train on the car DVD. Oh, how my boy loves the beach. Thankfully he also likes Dinosaur Train.

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  1. Ah we have lots of beach meltdowns too. Most usually are mine at the amount of sand that is EVERYWHERE for weeks after our visit…

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