Weight Loss, Week Two

I have just finished the second week of my Healthy Living Lucky Dip. Last Tuesday I began a 28-day trial of Diet Chef. I have written an overview of how Diet Chef works here. Basically it is a calorie-controlled meal delivery service. And as Husband wants to lose weight too, he ordered a 28-day  package. We picked which meals we wanted, on the Diet Chef website, the meals were delivered and our diets began.

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This past week has gone pretty well. I was hungry the first two days, but then my stomach adjusted to normal-sized portions. Diet Chef gives you three meals and one snack for each day. The three meals work out to about 800-900 calories in total. The snacks are all about 100 calories. Then you add whichever fruit and vegetables you like. You can be tough and have 1200 calories a day, but I have been consuming 1400.

I am starting to see a difference in the way my clothing fits. Things are feeling looser, which is wonderful. I still have a long way to go, but it is really motivating to see a difference.  I have found most of the food to be delicious, which also keeps me from cheating. I have mentioned before that Husband and I have difficulty eating healthy (we both love pudding and anything made out of chocolate). But we were able to pick some chocolate snacks which help satiate our sweet tooths.

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I was very happy when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday to reveal that I had lost four pounds. I don’t expect this loss every week, but this has been a great start to Diet Chef. Check back next week to see how my progress continues.

Total Weight Loss
14 July: 15 stone 1
21 July: 14 stone 12 (four pounds lost)
(diet holiday)
5 August: 14 stone 12
12 August: 14 stone 8 (four pounds lost)


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