What is she saying?

I am starting to have trouble understanding my daughter. I blame the fact that she is in her second year of school. Moozles spends so much time with British people. Most of her friends and teachers. Her father. It does not matter that I was her primary influence for the first four years of her life. It does not matter that I am her favourite person in the world. She still talks bloody funny. She talks all Britishy, with a funny accent. She doesn’t open her mouth and articulate like an American. Like me. I love the kid, but sometimes I want to shake the British accent right out of her. Um, is that wrong?

*Please note that there were no half-British/half-American children harmed in the making of this post.

2 thoughts on “What is she saying?

  1. This makes me laugh! When we moved to California both me and my brother developed American accents from being in school I think it drove my mum crazy! Whenever we would speak to anyone British though we would just speak in our normal accents….totally unintentional but very weird!

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