What’s the Matter with Pink?

What's the matter with pink?

I’m not talking about the pop princess, Pink, singer of hit songs such as ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘Just Give Me A Reason’. I’m talking about the colour pink. Apparently, when I wasn’t paying attention, pink became a villain. Apparently girls shouldn’t like pink. Pink means we’re too girly. Pink means we won’t be taken seriously. Pink means we’re not equal to men.

Traditionally, little girls were dressed in pink. Pink frilly dresses, that they had to keep clean, and pink bows in their hair, which they had to keep tidy. But the dresses, over time, have changed in colour. And dresses have changed to jeans and dungarees (that’s overalls to my American friends). And now little girls can wear anything.

But with the opportunity to wear anything, there has come a backlash against pink. People are now having baby girls and are only buying clothes that come in yellow, grey or rainbow. Plus now there are dresses with dinosaurs, trucks and pirates. This is all well and good, but what if your child doesn’t like those things? Sure, when they are babies they will wear whatever you put them in. But a toddler is a different story. They want control – of their food and toys and clothes.

So what do you do when your stylish monochrome-clad little girl wants to wear pink? Is it something to argue about? Do you tell her that there are no pink dresses in her size? Do you settle for fuchsia rather than a pale pink? Can you accept that wearing pink dresses won’t limit your daughter’s potential? She can still be a scientist or an engineer or even the Prime Minister. My girl loves pink. Pink clothes, pink shoes, pink walls, pink bed. And I don’t believe that will hold her back. As long as Moozles knows that it is what’s on the inside that counts, she can wear whatever she wants.


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  1. I 1000% agree, it is so the ‘thing’ to bash pink or anything girly now and it makes me wonder if we are actually moving in the wrong direction. Let girls wear pink if they want to. Let them wear black if they want to. Who cares?

    1. Yes, the message is more important than the colour. And I totally understand how these things backfire. Sometimes we forget that children are people and they have their own views (especially about what they wear).

  2. I LOVE pink – and despite trying to have as much variation as possible with the toddler’s clothing colours – somehow she has decided pink is her favourite and it’s all she wants to wear…. so fuck it! Pink for both of us it is 🙂 lol x

  3. Interesting post! When I was pregnant I didn’t find out sex and was happy to choose a range of colours for our baby to wear. When we had Nancy and we now had a girl, we tried our best to balance out – I personally don’t like pink plastic toys, pink books, pink potties etc – I like toys to be in lots of colours! We have not encouraged Nancy either way with toys – she loves cars and trucks and diggers, Thomas the tank and postman pat – but – she LOVES to wear my shoes, tutus, pink dresses, tights, wands, fairy wings and her toy dolls with her pram. If that’s what she likes, I have no problem, she has a broad range of things to choose from. She is totally a girly girl who also loves dinosaurs and cars. I sometimes feel it’s worse for boys – why can’t boys wear pink, etc, as one thing I noticed shopping for my friends newborn baby is that everything was blue! I don’t think we should be ashamed of the colour pink, pink is a lovely colour, I think what has to change is people associating colours with gender, colours should be embraced and everyone, boys and girls, enjoy them!

  4. Love it! Last year Evie (then about 18 months) LOVVVVVEEEEDDD pirates, dino’s, cars, motorbikes etc etc etc ya know all those ‘boy things’ and I struggled to find clothes for her that weren’t boys. Fast forward to this year and their has been a shift, this weekend we went shopping…she took her handbag (pink of course), and her lipstick (again..pink! )and chose to wear her beautiful you guessed it pink fluffy (you know the underskirt) floral dress. And when shopping she chose flowery headbands, pink (and tacky) jewellery and insisted I bought her MORE ‘clippy cloppy’ shoes in toys are us. Her head EXPLODED when she saw the Disney princess dressing up stuffs. Then in the shop at the till she took out her purse to pay (because dont you know that she now wants to pay for everything and toys now cost just 1p or maybe 2p depending on her mood) as I sneak the £20 to the cashier anyways back to the story…a car she had packed, and a dinosaur fell out her bag that she had lovingly packed to enjoy a shopping trip with us. The cashier then asked me pointing to mentioned clippy clop shoes ”Are you trying to make her girly then?” I looked at her for a second a bit confused. I didn’t realise that girls were only allowed to like 1 thing? So the reply she got? ”Well no…she LOVES pink and she LOVES dinosaurs, she has her own mind, she likes what she likes, she loves what she loves, if she doesn’t like it, believe me at 2 and a half she lets me know it!” She likes to wear pink and she likes to wear pink whilst playing with Dinosaurs and cars OR sometimes she choose to wear pink and play with her baby and pram. It doesn’t mean shes a ”TOMBOY” it doesnt mean shes a ”GIRLY GIRL”, it means she is simply a child who is able to make choices herself and not have them enforced on her by others expectations (my Nan will still tell Jenson ”you cant play with that doll your a boy…go get a car” it really gets on my t*ts, but what can you say to a 70 year old!).

    1. Yes, a girl wearing pink dresses and carrying a handbag can still like dinosaurs. And this ‘tomboy’ word is so irksome (my next post!). As if only boys wants to run around, get dirty and have fun. It drives me nuts if someone makes a comment about my boy wearing a princess dress. Something else elderly relatives make comments about and you must keep quiet. Hmph.

  5. Wearing pink will not hold a child back….There’s so much hoo ha over it lately….My girl loves pink everything but also loves Spiderman, playing in mud, and playing with cars….

  6. Lottie will literally wear nothing BUT pink at the moment! Si I’m with you. I do love modern trends on her but I’m a pink kinda-girl too so I’m with you!!!! Jess xx

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