Why Starting School is Easier for Your Child

Starting School

You’ve done it. After weeks, maybe even months, of agonising about it, you have sent your little one off to school. You may have even shed a tear while walking hesitantly into the building. Your child, on the other hand, most likely skipped into the classroom exhilarated with the thought of now being a school boy/girl. Perhaps you’ve been happily enjoying some quiet time in a coffee shop? Maybe some cake at home while tears drop into your tea?

Well, there’s no need to worry about your child. He/she is at school, making new friends, learning new things and generally being quite happy. And yes, they will be quite tired at first and will also be hungry, so very hungry (make sure to always have a snack when you pick them up from school). But you need to worry about yourself. Because it’s not just your child who has begun school. You. Have. Too.

  • Making Friends – Your child isn’t the only one who will be making new friends. Sure, you could just freeze out the other mums and dads, but that won’t be easy. Other parents  can be a great asset if you’re ill or running late, and need someone to help with school pick-up and drop-off. It’s also nice to chat with others who are going through the same things. And since they normally live near you, it’s dead easy to meet up for coffee/gin. But just because your children are friends, it doesn’t mean that you will like one another. And just because you like another parent, it doesn’t guarantee that they will like you in return. Another tip, if the parents have older children, be prepared that they won’t have time for you. It turns out that parents normally make their closest relationships with the parents of their eldest child. Don’t take it too personally if someone you get along with, doesn’t want to be your new bestie.
  • Homework–If your child has begun Reception, you won’t really have to worry about regular homework until Year Two (unless they are at private school–then it’s homework every day). But there will be projects. Projects that your child won’t actually be doing. They may pick the topic and do some sticking, but it’s going to be Mum or Dad doing most of the work. But there will be weekly reading. Some children are happy to do this. Some children need some bribery persuasion. You will need a lot of wine/gin/chocolate to cope with the arguing.
  • PTA – Schools need money to run those fun, educational extras, and that’s where the Parent Teacher Associations come in handy. If you work full-time, you will feel guilty for never being able to help run the bake sale stalls or to volunteer in the classroom. If you are a Stay-At-Home-Mum, then you will feel bitter for always having to help. Do as much as you can, but don’t feel bad if you can’t help.

There you go. Some helpful tips for surviving school as a parent. Good luck. I know you can get through it! xx


9 thoughts on “Why Starting School is Easier for Your Child

  1. Great post!! My closest friends are other parents I met in the school yard….It’s great to have them and as for homework at my youngests school they’ve had it since nursery…..Just colouring in and practicing writing letters but homework all the same….Ohh and the PTA….Loads of fun….Especially at events like school discos where parents are not usually invited to. hehehe

  2. Great post Elfa – I needed these tips! You’re right about making your closest friends with the parents of the eldest – I am really bonded to my girls from JJ’s NCT group although I did manage to make good friends with two mums from my Refresher NCT for EJ. School is going to be a whole nother ball game!! (Don’t worry I’ve already stocked the fridge with gin!) X

  3. EEK! Am scared. Have heard horror stories from other friends about school gate politics. How do you like talk to them? I mean I have visions of me literally running up. Shoving her in and walking off again? Do you like loom around? How does this all work! xxx

  4. Great tips!! I haven’t got this to deal with for a few years, but very helpful for when I do! Hope your school run is going well and good luck for the year ahead!!!! x x

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