Wide-Mouth Wednesday

Wide-Mouth Wednesday

We spent a few days in Warwickshire this half-term visiting my in-laws. We went to Hatton Country World on Monday, for farm and playground fun. They even had a real pumpkin patch, complete with a Pumpkin Scarecrow Monster (as we called him). Dubz, at two years old, is obsessed with monsters and anything that might say ‘arrrrr’. I tried to get a photo of Dubz with the scarecrow but his ever-talking, ever-wide-mouthed sister was in the way. We finally managed to go pick pumpkins, after dragging Dubz away from the Pumpkin Scarecrow Monster. Arrrrrr. *scary face*

9 thoughts on “Wide-Mouth Wednesday

  1. Haha – she is so not impressed by Pumpkin Monster is she?!
    I hope you managed to get at least one family shot!

  2. It makes me SO cross when my girl tries to muscle in and ruins a shot that I imagine to be beautiful for the blog. GAH! Thanks so much for linking up bab and I hope to see you again this week in #wickedwednesdays xxx

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