Winter Monochrome Lovin’

Monochrome Lovin'I love a bit of monochrome, no matter what time of year it is. So I thought I’d share how I style my favouite monochrome dress in the winter. The coatigan, which I’ve been wearing loads, is so useful. I have been throwing it over so many outfits and pairing it with a myriad of colours. And it’s currently on sale for £20 from Oasis. I have also been wearing leggings constantly this winter. They’re so easy to throw on. These leggings are from Pertz. They are a bit shiny, but they really hold in my bum. Plus they keep my legs warmer than other leggings.

Monochrome Lovin'And of course, no winter outfit would be complete without boots. I have been wanting some brogue boots for ages. But I patiently waited for the Christmas sales and bagged myself these beauts. Two weeks ago, whilst visiting my in-laws in Leamington, I popped into House of Fraser. If you are not familiar with Royal Leamington Spa, it is a lovely town with loads of fab high street shops. During this visit, I managed one whole hour of child-free/husband-free shopping. And it was delightful. Imagine it, no one to disdainfully ask ‘you’re trying on another pair of boots?’.

And there I saw them. Beautiful black brogue boots from Dune (£49). In. The. Sale. Lovely soft leather, and so pretty. I’ve already worn them a couple of times in the past two weeks. I will be rocking these boots all winter and spring.

Monochrome Lovin'Monochrome Lovin' Monochrome Lovin' Monochrome Lovin'


House of Fraser contributed to my boots, for the purpose of this review. Pertz sent me the leggings for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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