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Yesterday we hopped on the tube and went to East London. I had heard about Winterville, which is kinda like a smaller, less hectic version of Winter Wonderland. Dubz loves to run about in a frenzied fashion, and many people advised us that Winter Wonderland would be ‘too much’ and ‘too busy’ for him. So off we went to Victoria Park in Hackney. And since Husband’s sister lives in East London, she met up with us, along with her partner and their baby.

Winterville is a lovely winter carnival. It is free to enter, but you have to pay for many of the attractions. There is a dedicated area for kids’ carnival rides, as well as having adult rides sprinkled throughout the venue. There are three tents selling lovely crafts, clothing, jewellery, toys and more. It feels quite cosy, but even on a Saturday it wasn’t that hectic. There was lots to choose from, food-wise, and I am kicking myself for not having had a churro.

Our first stop was the ice skating rink. Moozles had never been before, and I have only been twice in my entire life. She was really excited, but really nervous. I got her one of those penguin aids and she scooted around quite well on the ice. I held on to the side for dear life. Can someone please tell me why they don’t have penguins for grown-ups? Moozles asked to stop after 15 minutes as she found it quite tiring. For one adult and one child, the cost of the ice-skating is £20.50. Local residents only have to pay £5 each.


Before we left, we wanted to see Father Christmas. So we went to the ‘House of Santa’. Now this was the strangest Father Christmas experience we have ever encountered. The Father Christmas was quite skinny and young, and his clothes looked a bit strange. Moozles didn’t really notice, but she did say later that she knew he wasn’t the real Santa. The kids were then given unwrapped gifts that looked like they were from the bargain bin at the pound shop. I do not think this was worth £5 per child. It would have been more acceptable if the Santa’s grotto was a complimentary service, or if the proceeds went to charity.

Winterville Winterville

We had a fun morning at Winterville. But if we ever returned it would be at night, without the children. There is a young vibe. And it looks like there are some fun acts and music, as well as plenty of food and drinks to be enjoyed.




We were invited to visit the ice skating rink and Santa’s grotto for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


4 thoughts on “Winterville, London

  1. What a great day out, those penguin supports are a great idea, so many kids are more confident on the rink holding onto one of those for balance. It looks like a very chic sort of place to visit. That Santa does look a little all over the place, it’s like they wanted to have him the original green colour but then thought they’d keep him modern with Red Trousers. I’m glad that overall it wasn’t a terrible visit. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  2. I think the skating would be a similar price at Hampton Court (if not a bit more expensive) which is quite a lot if you’re only going to spend 15 minutes out there! Understandable though and I’m dying to take the boys in the future as it is really quite magical to skate outdoors like that. Shame about the presents but at least the children enjoyed themselves and you had a fun couple of hours! X

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