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My word of the week is ‘Open’. This week I did something brave. Brave for me anyway. I did not climb a mountain or battle a disease. But I opened up. I showed a teeny tiny part of my heart, for all to see. There is a small part of me that was afraid for familial fall-out. I no longer care. My blog is my own. It is my head and my heart. it is where I ramble. Sometimes my words are crafted and thought out completely. Sometimes, like yesterday, I just let the thoughts pour out onto the keyboard and then I press publish.

So thank you to everyone who has tweeted or commented. You have allowed me to feel safe in this space. You have allowed me to open up and share a piece of me. Thank you to everyone who has read my post and made me feel that this is a place in which I can continue to grow and develop. If you want to read the post in which I open up, it is here.


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14 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Open

  1. That is a brave post, very honest and open. You’re speaking the truth, no malice, no harm meant, simply the world as you see it. I do hope it made you feel a little lighter for sharing x Thanks for joining in with #WotW

  2. Aw Elfa – isn’t that what blogging is all about? – it’s your space to do with as you please and if it feels cathartic to open up and share then hell yeah! I think all of us girls (women!) who follow each other’s lives – we do it because we care and we like each other (hopefully! 🙂 ) and there’s nothing to fear from being as open and honest as you like. Hugs Xx

  3. Your post made me cry…I am an adoptive parent, and I hurt for when my child will feel as you do, given away and I’m afraid my love and utter devotion won’t be able to take that away! I’m so glad you feel so dearly loved by your adoptive parents… that’s so special! I have learned that love is certainly not dictated by blood, else I would love my hairy uncles far more than my husband 🙂 I love your post, and you’re one strong girl to have written it. You know what you need, and your heart and mind will go after it…and sometimes, it’s just not your biological family. Sending you a lot of love.. from a mom who made her baby from the heart! x

    1. Such lovely words, thank you. I think one of the issues I have is that my biological family don’t understand how I can love my Parents as much as I do. Children are indeed made from the heart. My adoptive parents took care of me every day. That makes a parent, not blood. xx

  4. I think your post is beautifully and delicately written. I’ve always said I’d like to adopt at some point and I read some incredible adoption posts from the child and parent perspective covering all aspects of life.
    Well done for saying what you needed to say, I hope that writing it has helped you and that you have much joy and happiness with your own lovely family xxx

  5. When I first started my blog I was much more open and free with my thoughts, I would happily write whatever popped into my head. Now I feel gagged, muted, silenced as I know that there are people reading my words. I need to be braver and open up once again

  6. Your story is very moving and I can see that knowing your biological siblings must have made opening up like this very hard, but as others have said, your blog is your space and it’s important to be true to yourself. Well done on opening up, I hope writing about your situation was cathartic. You’re one brave woman!

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