WWE at Kidzania

My family and I were invited to Kidzania this Easter. And since Moozles and I love it, we decided to take Husband and Dubz along. And right now, in honour of WrestleMania34, there are some WWE-related activities in addition to all the regular fun stuff. So we knew Dubz would enjoy himself.

Located at Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush, Kidzania is a city (all indoors) made for children. Before arriving, you queue as if you’re at the airport. Children are given 50 Kidzos each, which they can use to spend on fun activities or save and earn more money through jobs. It’s probably one of the few times your child will want to work. Dubz started off as a policeman while Moozles worked at the library and then a hotel. Then she became a surgeon while he went to work at the Cadbury chocolate factory.

We had a quick break for juice and muffins (tea for the grown-ups), and then it was back to work. Moozles and Dubz decided to spend the rest of the time together. They got jobs at the bank, before becoming paramedics. And then it was time for a drum lesson before it was time to go. Dubz didn’t have time to do the Wrestlemania show, but Moozles’ time at the library was WWE-related.

Whenever I tell people about Kidzania, they can’t quite grasp a city made for kids. So, if you’re in/near London – go experience it. Although there is a toddler area, I personally think the best age to visit is from 4-11. At nine, Moozles is able to walk around and I’ve even taken her with a friend and they’ve gone around on their own. And at five, Dubz wants us close by but is able to take part in the activities without any nervousness. Dubz loved the visit, and is desperate to return to Kidzania soon.

A typical visit to Kidzania London lasts three to four hours (with the latter being the maximum amount of time allowed). There are food venues inside Kidzania, including a cafe and an adult-only room of quiet and calm. We tend to bring a couple of snacks and buy hot drinks there and then eat a late lunch at Westfield. You can book tickets for a fun day at Kidzania here.



We were invited to Kidzania for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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