Gelato in Covent Garden

Gelato in Covent Garden

Last weekend we were in Covent Garden with the family. We had a yummy lunch at Franco Manca, but while they have amazing pizza they sadly do not offer dessert. So we went to Venchi in the Piazza for some of their amazing gelato. You could go to Venchi for some of their delicious, and expensive, chocolate. They keep the chocolate in super cool dispensers, wrapped up in loads of bright colours, which begs to be eaten. But the gelato is out of this world. My favourite is their hazelnut. Words cannot describe how good it is. I don’t know about you, but I think ‘gelato’ is my favourite Italian word. Hmmm. Gelato.

Gelato in Covent GardenGelato in Covent Garden Gelato in Covent Garden


17 thoughts on “Gelato in Covent Garden

  1. Heh, I think it may just be my family’s favourite Italian word too (although pizza probably pushes it close). There is definitely something about the creaminess of a gelato that puts what we call ice cream in this country to shame (although things have improved in recent years).

  2. Wow, they are gigantic. No wonder the kids look pleased with them. I love gelato too – so delicious and they don’t seem as ‘icy’ as the UK ice creams on the whole.

    Happy easter

  3. That ice cream looks amazing – and it’s nearly the size of his head! Totally jealous. I love Covent Garden, one of my favourite places in London x

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