Army of Angels

My five year-old loves doing arts and crafts. She said she wanted to make an angel, so my trusty friend Google helped me find an angel we could make with what we had at home. We don’t have any paper plates, and those seem to be the most popular item to use to make angels. But we do have loo rolls, lots and lots of loo rolls. So if you want an easy Christmassy craft, this is how you make a Christmas Angel.

1. You need one or more clean loo (or paper towel) rolls.
2. Paint the loo roll outside, and inside if you feel like it. Leave to dry on the side.
3. Fold paper in half. Draw and cut out the shape for the angel’s wings. No worries if a bit wonky.
4. Colour, draw or put stickers on the front and back of wings. Alternately, you could glue some feathers or tissue paper on the wings.
5. Draw and cut a round shape for the head. Your child will probably need help with this, as it’s a bit tougher drawing a circle.
6. Draw in a face and hair onto the circle.
7. Draw and cut a halo if you want (we didn’t).

My daughter is very pleased with the angels and we have decorated our hallway cabinet with them. Happy Christmas!